AE Live 13.5 - "What was it about?" Supporting Text Retelling and Response
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Pronouncing the words on a page is only one component of reading. Good readers also talk about what they read with other people, requiring not only text comprehension, but also the ability summarize and improvise with language used in books. Beginning and intermediate language learners sometimes understand what they read but struggle to produce their own words when discussing the content. Post-reading activities are essential because they enable learners to interact with the text they read. This webinar will describe the importance of scaffolding techniques in post-reading tasks and showcase a tool, the story retelling wheel, which supports learners while giving them chances to be creative and take ownership of their reading. This technique is commonly used for teaching young learners, but can be adapted and used with older students, as well. We will explore how the story wheel can also be modified for different language proficiencies, learning goals, and text genres.

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